Brief History of MBJ

Missoula Bone & Joint was founded over 60 years ago by Dr. W.J. McDonald and Dr. Warren "Mac" McKinstry, the first two orthopedic surgeons in Missoula. Each physician who joined thereafter maintained their own personal orthopedic practice but all worked together in one office at 700 West Kent. That group became known as Missoula Orthopedic Associates.

In 1999 the nine independent physicians of Missoula Orthopedic Associates joined together as a group and have since become Missoula Bone & Joint.

The current physicians of Missoula Bone & Joint have over 90 years of combined experience. They all share a love for the beautiful state of Montana and enjoy all the many seasonal activities offered.

Our founding physicians would be proud to know that after 50 years Missoula Bone & Joint still holds true to its original mission of offering quality, professional, dedicated care to those we serve.