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At Missoula Bone & Joint it is our goal to give you the best possible medical care. To do so, it is important that we know your thoughts about the care you are receiving. We need to know what we are doing right and in what areas we can improve.   Please take a moment to complete our survey.  Your comments will be strictly confidential. Thank you!

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   Please read below what our patients at Missoula Bone & Joint and Surgery Center are saying about us:

"I believe Bone & Joint provides excellent care to their patients.  I believe the staff has my best interests in mind and they have taken great care of me since my first visit.  Every person I encounter is friendly and warm and they make me feel extremely comfortable while under their watch.  I will recommend Bone & Joint to all my friends and family."  Nola R.

"My husband and I both highly recommend the Missoula Bone & Joint Center to all who are looking for care and treatment that is professional and always given in a totally caring manner and is always followed up on to make sure their patients are always completely satisfied.  The center and its physicians are always professional and caring.  They have always done exceptional work for us and made sure that we are well cared for."  Tammy D.

"My experience with Missoula Bone & Joint was very successful.  I needed a knee replaced and the staff walked me through the process in a very professional manner explaining in great detail what I could expect as well as monitored my progress resulting in a successful procedure that far exceeded my hopes and expectations.  I simply can't say enough about their professionalism and support."  Duane Anderson

"I was sent to Bone & Joint because I hurt my back at work.  I didn't know what to expect but the staff was wonderful and always friendly.  I got in a at a very reasonable time frame.  When I met Joan Bond-Deschamps, PA-C for the first time she was very knowledgeable, caring and friendly, but most of all she took her time during my appointment and explained everything very clearly.  If I did not understand something she would explain it further and even using visuals to help me understand.  Her Orthopedic Assistant Alex Erven was always helpful with answering questions, and filling out paperwork needed.  She too was very caring to my needs.  I would not hesitate to recommend Joan Bond-Deschamps or Bone and Joint for treatment."  Patti Folk

"From Receptionist to departure I have experienced simply the most professional and friendly care while at Bone & Joint.  I would expect nothing less if future treatment is necessary at Bone & Joint."  Roger A. Bak

"Thank you Dr. Puckett!  My left thumb developed what Dr. Puckett told me was trigger finger or trigger thumb.  It would lock closed and I would have to use my other hand to open it most of the time. It was very painful.  Dr. Puckett saw me on a Wednesday and made time in his Thursday schedule for surgery on my thumb to release the thumb.  The surgery was about 20 minutes long and not at all painful.  I was released in about 45 minutes and drove 150 miles home.  The recovery was not painful either.  I would highly recommend Dr. Puckett and his team for anyone with hand problems as well as elbow problems."  Michelle T.

"I have seen the doctors and PAs and physical therapists at Bone & Joint and had several surgeries there over the last 5-10 years and have had extremely good results with all I have needed to improve my health.  Everyone has been helpful and kind and very good at explaining procedures.  The ability for physical therapists to work so closely with the doctors makes for a quicker recovery.  I had ankle surgery in September at the Surgery Center and appreciate the low infectious rate.  My thanks to all."  Elizabeth A. Cromwell

"Missoula Bone & Joint was a pleasant experience for me.  The PA I had was a joy to work with (Doug Henry) - professional, great bedside manner and on time!"  Pat Pooley

"Dr. Puckett, Jeffrey LaPorte and Gary Willstein are the members I have been privileged to see.  I have only the highest praise fir each of these physicians, for their treatment as well as recommendations.  For the medical results, I'm happy with the outcome.  Beyond that what all these doctors share is good interaction with me a  patient.  They are at ease to explain findings and options that exist, before and after treatment.  Looking back and looking forward I am very grateful for MBJ Surgery Center."  Anthony F. Beltramo

"I have some medical expertise and I was and am extremely impressed with my hip surgery. This is not limited to the amazing procedure but from my initial interview to my abilities now of walking out with no pain.  My surgeon, Dr. David Allmacher, and staff explained in detail where I was then and where I was going and they were all 100% on target. I had spoken with several of their prior patients who had experienced surgeries, seeking feedback and they all were also spot-on concerning beginning to observing the tremendous prosthesis on computer radiograph.  It totally blew me away.  To anyone considering help with orthopedics there is one surgery team I would and can definitely recommend Dr. Allmacher and his team."  Gary E. Buehler, D.V.M.

"My office visits and outpatient procedures have been personal and professional. The staff has been welcoming and helpful with both medical and insurance details.  Dr. Puckett and his staff (Andrea) are "Top Notch" professionalism in the care of their clients.   A for a grade!"  Jim N.

"The Missoula Bone & Joint and Dr. Woods was recommended by Dr. McCoy who was my physician for 35 years.  I was terrified to go to another doctor.  Dr. Woods listened and answered all my questions and concerns.  With such good care my recovery went well".  Virginia D.

"Dr. Woods has always explained to me what causes the problems I have so I understand what is happening in my body; and always explains what needs to happen to fix the problem.  He recommends physical therapy to get my body back to where it needs to be.  I appreciate that he treats me as a person, not just a patient."  Helen J.

"You people are the best!"  James F.

"Through the last several years, I have had 2 total shoulder replacements (both by Dr. Price).  My husband had both knees (Dr. Channer) as well as a back surgery (Dr. Woods).  Though my dear husband has since passed away I want to say that each of us was very, very pleased with our experiences at Bone & Joint.  The skill and personal manner of the doctors, nurses and all staff whom we met was exceptional."  Audrey T.

"My situation for medical attention is a hard one because I have no insurance and very little money.  I do volunteer work at Paxson Elementary School through Missoula Aging Services.  I receive only a stipend.  I love working with the kids and helping the teachers.  Without the help from MBJ I would not be able to do even this!  Twice you've helped me.  Once with Dr. Woods and this last time with Dr. LaPorte. Thank you for keeping me viable."  Nanette H.

"Everyone was always welcoming, timely, courteous, etc.  Kailey is great!  Always considerate, caring and concerned.  Excellent physical therapist.  Kailey is a very good teacher of patients to train us how to improve and maintain.  Another thing that is wonderful is the fact they you in for x-rays, MRIs or whatever is deemed necessary immediately!  No waiting, making another appointment or waiting for results.  The results are on the screens immediately!  Everything is right there!  Keep up the great job!"  Ann Baker

"Prompt, competent, supportive from the receptionist, nurse, x-ray tech and PA."  Dan

" Out of 15 surgeries, this was my best experience with P.T. ever!  The whole staff is very friendly and courteous.  Kailey Oliver and the rest listen to your concerns and are very knowledgable regarding your type of injury and make your rehab fun.  I would highly recommend Missoula Bone & Joint P.T. for all your PT. needs."  Dan Abraham

"The concern, positive outlook and education offered by my physical therapist, plus her knowledge of anatomy and willingness to listen to my opinions abut the injury, were all very valuable to me.  It was encouraging to see progress and the times I didn't see progress, her optimism and coaching helped me keep working.  I would not have made the gains I have achieved without Kailey Oliver's help."  Nancy D.

"I always felt that Marla had all her attention on me when working with me. She would introduce a new exercise and would follow up if I was ok with it.  I always felt very comfortable doing physical therapy at Missoula Bone & Joint.  Very friendly staff, very clean office and everyone was there to help me get better."  Debbie J.

"I have no complaints about Missoula Bone & Joint.  Dr. Jarrett and Kailey are amazing.  It was really helpful having my doc and PT under the same roof.  It is a model of holistic care for the patient.  There is really nothing I don't like about the facility.  Kailey is amazing!"  Monica S. Martin


"Professional service and experience.  Thank you."  Jeff Goeltz

"The staff at Missoula Bone & Joint was very knowledgeable and encouraging.  They worked hard to find what the issue was, then created a program designed for me that allowed me to run again.  I am very grateful.  Jessica never rushed me, she was caring and a wonderful motivator.  Thanks so much."  Maggie Moffatt

"Great service and treatment by doctor and staff."  Ronald B.

"Your clinic and the people that work there are great.  Lori was so helpful and returned calls immediately.  Just great and Dr. LaPorte is so good and helpful.  Thank you for all your help."  Terry S.

"Extremely professional yet very caring, explaining needed procedures, etc.  My only complaint is I cannot have Dr. Sherrill as my primary M.D. :).  It's sad that there are not more doctors with knowledge and compassion like he has."  Sandra Ladner-Boifeauillet

"Fast service - friendly and efficient.  You're always good - everything is a 5."  Don M.

"I have just returned from my appointment with Dr. Channer.  This experience was wonderful!  Wait time in reception was minimal.  X-rays taken efficiently and pleasantly.  Wait time to see the doctor was minimal.  Administration of the injection a good experience.  In all this was a pleasant doctor's appointment!"  Sharon H.

"First of all it was refreshing to be greeted with a smile and be around people who wanted to help you and seemed to be enjoying their job.  I appreciated the willingness to take a minute to visit even though they were very busy.  The least invasive approach to treatment was great appreciated."  William P.

"I have had a very positive experience with Missoula Bone & Joint.  The staff was pleasant and efficient.  The Drs. Allmacher and Jarrett were very personable and caring.  They had my best interests at heart at all times and addressed my individual needs with consideration and understanding.  I would highly recommend them."  Donna Fontaine

"I liked the ability to see someone knowledgeable about orthopedics quickly through your walk-in clinic.  Also, your staff understands folks who are/want to be active. You do a great job (and I'm picky, especially when I hurt)."  Marcia W.

"I have referred 2 people due to my experience."    Jay Ledbetter

"Thanks!!  Dustin, LaRyn & Marla were amazing.  Doctor's suggestions turned me around quickly and LaRyn & Marla's expertise continued it."  Leon S.

"Jessica listened to my discomfort and my goals then came up with a great treatment plan for my recovery that inspires me to better myself.  She is great to work with." 

"I have gone to Missoula Bone & Joint primarily to see Dr. Allmacher and his staff, including Annette, Pam, Dr. Allmacher and of course his PA, Jesse Doll.  This entire group of individuals are wonderful.  They are all very knowledgeable and very willing to answer all of your questions and address your concerns.  This group at B&J are very efficient and everything they do is amazingly exact and on time!  I have always been told to call them at any time.  I truly feel I could if I needed to for any reason!  Holly and Ann have also been very helpful and courteous - always.  I feel very welcome at your facility.  Consider yourselves very fortunate to have Dr. Allmacher and his entire staff.  They are truly the best!!  Trust me, I have had 2 complete knee replacements - very successfully performed.  It's so nice to come in and be recognized and greeted with a smile and a "May I help you?".  Keep up the great work you do."   June K.

"As a patient with an extensive background working as a nurse, I have a very critical eye when viewing healthcare.  MBJ delivered 5 star care at every stage of pre-op phone call, registration, pre-op nursing care - technically guiding, intravenous, scrub and orientation (how, what will happen),  intra-op care and post-op hands on care plus discharge instructions.  Humor and respect were meshed together in an awesome setting.  There were no post-op complications ~ smooth transition to follow up appointments with Dr. Jarrett in the following weeks."  M.W.A.

"The patient care at Bone & Joint was an experience which set me at ease and understanding with my injury.  My doctor and nurse were very personable and took care to ensure my comfort level was appropriate.  It was at the utmost importance for them to reflect that they were there to help me with whatever I needed. Thanks so much again to Dr. Puckett and nurse Andrea."  Jeffrey H.

"Friendly, listened, gave me encouragement.  Dr. Price is TOPS!  So thankful my surgery went well - very well!"  Nita S.

"When I came into the clinic for my appointment I was treated very kindly.  Meeting with Jo and Dr. Jarrett was a positive experience as they seemed to truly care.  Dr. Jarrett explained very clearly as the what he was going to do.  My experience at the surgical center was very positive - especially my nurse who got me ready for surgery.  Again, everything was clearly explained and I would very much recommend Dr. Jarrett and the Bone & Joint center."  Donna Ohs

"Dr. Klatt and his nurse were awesome!  Very personable and professional."  Wendy Deaton

"Efficient!  Professional, always responsive to unique scheduling conflicts."  K.W.

"Everyone was friendly and professional."  W.B. Madsen

"On the day of my appointment at Missoula Bone & Joint, I was pleased at how promptly I was seen - there was a very brief wait time.  Also the people I came in contact with were friendly and extremely professional from receptionist to greeter, to P.A. to X-ray Technician, to billing clerk.  I would return to Missoula Bone & Joint if I have any other problems.  I will recommend Missoula Bone & Joint to my family and friends."  S.R.

"Very efficient in every aspect - from front desk to seeing Dr. Channer."  W. J. Sweeney

"Everyone is very polite and very quick to help you on the way.  Excellent, excellent & professional service.  Could not ask for a more prompt and professional business."  Adam M. Smith

"Dr. Woods asked about our family trip that occurred 12 months ago.  Dr. Woods used fresh x-rays to rule out a feared condition and then prescribed highly effective physical therapy - a specific treatment.  Dr. Woods and the staff are first-rate in delivering diagnosis and care."  F.A.

"I have been a patient at Missoula Bone & Joint since 1999.  Andy Puckett and his nurse Andrea have been an incredible team to work with over the years.  I know when I call Andrea that I will get immediate attention to my problem.  They make sure that I am seen by someone else if Andy can't see me.  I value Andy & Andrea's opinion and trust they know what is best for my situation.  I would recommend MBJ's Dr. Puckett to everyone."  Karen Baker

"The doctors and staff at Missoula Bone & Joint are the best.  Dr. Sherrill replaced both of my knees and they are wonderful.  Dr. Channer replaced my right hip & I couldn't be happier.  Dr. Channer & Sherrill & their nurses are the best."  E.S.

"On July 6th I had a horse accident resulting in 6 broken ribs on the left side and large hematoma above the left hip.  I struggled with pain and discomfort for months.  After visiting with Dr. Scott Matz he recommended that I see Dr. Mark Channer for an evaluation.  I got in to see Dr. Channer in a very short time and he recommended a left total hip replacement, which was done on Feb. 3, 2014.  Riding horses is my life and he assured me that I would ride again and I am now on my horse.  Dr. Channer knows what he is doing, is fast and very competent.  Judy, his assistant is very knowledgeable and is a great asset to the surgery team.  The information booklet on what to expect was very helpful and the training before and after surgery helped with a speedy recovery..."  E. H.

"The calm assurance of the office staff, the doctor was informative, nurse was great."  J.M.

"The doctors are people and everyone is helpful."  K.T.

"Good doctors and friendly folks!  Just keep doing what you are doing!"  Jim & Carol MacCormac

"Very pleased with all the staff and the care & concern they had for me.  Very pleased with the surgery and recovered very fast.  I did my own therapy and the doctor was very pleased with what I did although he recommend I go to a therapist.  Everyone was very concerning and polite. I would come back if need to."  Laura

"Everyone's attitude good."  Gary Hill 

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